o WS Freezers
   o MF-400/600/800/1500 Freezer
   o MF-50/75 Freezer
   o Cream Freezer

• Ingredient Feeders
   o Capacity Ranges
   o Type of Pump
   o Level of Control

Extrusion Systems
   o Glacier EU Series
   o Sandwich
   o Large Inclusions(LIFE)
   o 2 1/2D Ice Cream Systems
   o Product Handling Systems

• Molding Systems
   o Versa-Line
   o Molds

• Filling Systems
   o RUF Rotary Filler
   o Flexline Filler
   o Cart-O-Fill
   o Anderson Model 588
   o Anderson Model 555
   o Anderson Model 456

• Wrapping Systems
   o Single-Lane Wrapper
   o Multi-Lane Wrapper
   o Anderson Wrapper


The continuous ice cream freezer is the very heart of every ice cream production system. Choosing the right ice cream freezer is the key to both product and production goals.

Consistent, repeatable ice cream production is the ultimate goal of any ice cream operation. To achieve it, we help you explore all issues that influence your equipment choice and the ultimate system success.

o WS Freezer
The WS Freezer line was designed to give you more control of your process. A choice of manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic models allows selection of the level of control needed.

Semi-automatic and automatic WS Freezers feature the proven Viscotrol system to maintain constant ice cream viscosity, whether it is stiff and dry for extrusions, or soft and flowable for mold filling. WS Freezers were designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The newest generation of the WS series is the WS-EU freezer with a simplified control system, inlcuding a color touch-screen and electronic level control for ammonia or Freon.

• Color touch-screen.
• Open design for easy cleaning and maintenance access.
• Modular design: 1, 2, or 3 cylinders.
• Low cost for maintenance.
• Technical back-up with spare parts stocked and prompt service worldwide.
• Capacity ranges: Four models span 200 to 3,000 litres/hour.
• Simple to operate.
• High degree of safety.
• All stainless steel wash down construction.

• Ingredient Feeders

are designed to provide controlled insertion of fruits, nuts, candies, purees, cakes, syrups and other ingredients in a wide range of shapes, sizes and forms into a continuous flowing stream of base product such as ice cream, peanut butter, cake batter, or pancake batter.

Positive, accurate metering is accomplished by means of an agitator and auger feed combination, which transfers the ingredients from the main hopper onto an enrobing rotor at a controlled rate of speed. Gentle handling allows for the metered incorporation of such additions as whole strawberries, cherries, peach slices, raisins, nuts, etc.

• IF-1230:
1,976 - 12,000 liters/hour

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