Laboratory Instruments for Density, Alcohol, CO2, Temperature and Concentration Measurements

Process Density and Concentration Analysis

Viscosity Meters

Refractometry and Polarimeters

Laboratory Instruments for Density, Alcohol, CO2, Temperature
and Concentration Measurements


          • DMA 35 Portable Density Meter

DMA 35 06.jpg DMA 35 03.jpg DMA 35 04.jpg DMA 35 05.jpg


DMA 35 is the new generation of Anton Paar portable density meters, using the oscillating U-tube technology. DMA 35 measures the density and density-related values of sample and is characterized by the highest level of user friendliness. Its robust and lightweight design enables on-site operation in a wide range of work environments.

The four product versions - DMA 35, DMA 35 Tag&Log, DMA 35 Ex and DMA 35 Ex Petrol - differ from each other in terms of interfaces, housing material and intrinsic safety. Each instrument version is tailored to the needs of certain fields of applications.

          DMA Generation M Digital Density Meters

DMA M DMA M with Xsample DMA M_Xsample

The new Generation M density meters combine the DMAs known excellent measuring capabilities with unparalleled levels of user confidence and comfort. A host of new features provides complete confidence in the sample filling and measurement process and therefore in the quality of the measurement results.


Generation M density meters embody decades of experience. They build on the robust design and renowned features of past DMA generations: the integrated reference oscillator, built-in high precision platinum thermometer, and full-range viscosity correction. Generation M features all of this and more.

The DMA 4100 M is the most economical model. The DMA 4500 M is widely used in industry applications. DMA 5000 M is usually used in analyses that require a very high accuracy like research. The DMA 5000 M is the most accurate density meter on the market.


DMA is used in various applications like beverages, pharma & cosmetics, petroleum, flavors & fragrances, chemicals, research and development, calibration offices, testing agencies, biofuels, food industry, semiconductor industry, biotechnology, plastics industry, automotive industry, and battery production.



          Density and Sound Velocity Meter: DSA 5000 M

dsa 5000M

The DSA 5000 M density and sound velocity meter combines the worlds most accurate density measurement, highly accurate sound velocity measurement and a state-of-the-art user interface. It determines the density and sound velocity of your sample in one cycle and at the same sample conditions. This unique measuring combination even reduces the error margin for concentration measurement of binary mixtures and is frequently used in industrial chemical laboratories and in research. Other applications include quality control in production processes, preparing process solutions and determining the concentration of ternary solutions.

DSA 5000 M determines the concentration of sulfuric acid and oleum across the whole concentration range. The benefits speak for themselves: sample does not need to be diluted before measurement and the result is ready after only two minutes. Depending on the concentration range of the sulfuric acid/oleum, precise results are provided by measuring either the sound velocity or density of the sample. Therefore, DSA 5000 M measures both the sound velocity and density in one cycle and applies the method with the highest accuracy to calculate the results.

Example applications include the production of phosphoric acid, plastics, fertilizers, water glass, alcopops, formaldehyde/methanol/water and several other 3-component solutions. R&D applications include investigations into phase transitions (e.g. lipids, polysaccarides, proteins, insulin, etc.)

          Soft Drink and Syrup Analysis: Soft Drink Analyzer M

Softdrink Analyzer M


The Soft Drink Analyzer M density and sound velocity meter determines the density and sound velocity of your soft drink, syrup or HFCS sample in one cycle. The combination of Soft Drink Analyzer M and the Plug and Play sample changer, Xsample 122, allows you to monitor the sugar inversion process with the highest precision. Due to its state-of-the-art user interface design, Soft Drink Analyzer M provides unparalleled ease of use. It also guarantees complete transparency and traceability of the sample filling and measurement process.


          Alcolyzer Plus Beer Analyzing System

alcolyxer ME Alcolyzer ME System

Precise beer analysis guarantees the high quality of your beer. The Alcolyzer Beer Analyzing System is a highly accurate beer analysis system which determines the alcohol content of all types of beers, beer mixtures, ciders, etc. The system consists of the DMA 4500 M or DMA 5000 M density meter, the Alcolyzer Beer ME measuring module and the Xsample 122 sample changer. The patented NIR measuring method eliminates the influence of other sample constituents on the alcohol measurement and therefore guarantees highly precise results.


          Alcolyzer Plus Spirits

Analyze spirits efficiently and economically in the laboratory and at the production line using the alcohol analysis system Alcolyzer Plus Spirits. Alcolyzer Plus Spirits determines the alcohol content (35 to 65 % vol), color, and pH value of alcoholic beverages. In combination with a density meter, the system additionally determines the total extract of the sample.

          Alcolyzer Wine

Use the wine analysis system Alcolyzer Wine to determine the alcohol content of your wine quickly and easily. When combined with a density meter, Alcolyzer Wine determines further parameters in a single cycle, e.g. extract content. The patented NIR measuring method eliminates the influence of other sample constituents on the alcohol measurement and therefore guarantees highly precise results.




          CarboQC CO2 Meter

CarboQC is a portable and robust meter for beverage analysis. It gives you fast, accurate and reliable determination of dissolved carbon dioxide in beverages. When combined with the PFD Filling Device, sample is taken directly from the package into the measuring chamber of CarboQC - with no loss of carbon dioxide during sample transfer.

          CarboQC ME

The CarboQC ME beverage carbonation measuring module determines the true amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages. In addition, the amount of other dissolved gases is identified and their influence eliminated. The measurement is performed with the patented and proven Multiple Volume Expansion method.

Instrument is in combination with Generation M instruments to have simultaneous CO2 and concentration readingsPBA-S if in combination with DMA Density Meter, PBA-SI if in combination with Softdrinks Analyzer and PBA-B if in combination with Alcolyzer alcohol meter.

          PFD Filling Device

The PFD Filling Device transfers your sample directly from a closed container - either a bottle or can - into the measuring chamber of a measuring instrument. As the closure is sealed before piercing, no CO2 is lost during sample transfer.

           CO2/O2 Measuring Module for Beverages: CarboQC ME plus Option O2

The CarboQC ME CO2/O2 measuring module determines the true amount of dissolved carbon dioxide and dissolved oxygen in soft drinks, beer and mineral water. The CO2 measurement is performed with the patented and proven Multiple Volume Expansion method. The O2 measurement is carried out with an optochemical sensor. The measuring module can only be used in the Anton Paar Generation M measuring systems PBA-S, PBA-SI and PBA-B.


Millikelvin Thermometer: MKT 50

mkt mkt_2


In combination with two highly precise Platinium Resistance Thermometers your MKT 50 Millikelvin Thermometer measures the temperature to the highest level of accuracy. MKT 50 is by far the best-priced thermometer for applications which require a low measuring uncertainty of 0.01 C to 0.001 C.


Process Density and Concentration Analysis



Density, sound velocity or combined sensors are installed directly in the production line to allow continuous monitoring of real-time inline, at-line and online analysis of chemicals, beverages, petroleum, etc. and give control of product quality.

Anton Paars process instruments can be used in various combinations. Optimal standard solutions configured for many applications, flexible and adaptable to suit individual requirements are available. A complete monitor combines the transducer with an mPDS evaluation unit and an application-specific software program.


          • Density Monitor

  Density at measuring temperature and temperature compensated Density


          • Sulfuric Acid Monitor

  Measures sulfuric acid concentration from 0 to 100 %

  Fully resistant tantalum or gold-plated sensor


          • Oleum Monitor

  Measures oleum concentration from 0 to 65 % free SO3

  Fully resistant gold-plated sensor


          • API Petroleum Monitor

  Specific gravity, API gravity and density at 15 C/60 F


          • Rolling Oil Monitor

  Measures oil concentration continuously

  Optional pressure compensation


          • Phase Change Monitor

  Detection of phase changes and liquid/liquid interfaces


          • Formaldehyde Monitor

  Measures formaldehyde and methanol concentration



cobrix Online Brix Measurement, Diet Beverage Analysis and CO2 Measurement: Cobrix5 Multibev


Cobrix5 Multibev is a multifunctional online beverage analyzer for your beverage production. It continuously measures without drift and without delays a number of parameters such as Brix, Diet, CO2, alcohol, temperature, pressure, sugar inversion, extract, original extract, degree of fermentation, oxygen and conductivity. Cobrix5 has extremely short response times and allows quick line startups after a change of product.





Brix Monitor Online Brix Measurement in Soft Drinks: Brix Monitor


The Online Brix Monitor is for highly accurate online Brix measurement. It continuously determines the Brix value of soft drinks, fruit juice and syrup. The Online Brix Monitor accurately monitors your Brix values, whether you use HFCS, cane sugar or beet sugar.






Beer Monitor_2 Online Measurement of Alcohol, Extract and Original Extract: Beer Monitor


The Beer Monitor from Anton Paar is a highly accurate instrument for continuously monitoring the alcohol content, apparent and real extract, original extract, degree of fermentation, density, and temperature of your beer, alcoholic mixtures, and alcohol-free beer. To achieve maximum accuracy, even when the CO2 content fluctuates, the Beer Monitor can be connected to a CO2 meter from the Carbo series. This is a very efficient solution for additional CO2 measurements and compensation of the beer-specific values.




Original Extract Monitor 03 Inline Original Extract Monitor for Beer


The Inline Original Extract Monitor provides highly accurate measurement of the original extract and temperature of beer. Its short response time enables you to immediately adjust the production conditions to prevent out-of-spec production. The measurement results are automatically corrected for temperature. For precise original extract measurement, compensation of varying CO2 concentrations is recommended. For completely automatic compensation of CO2 fluctuations you can add a CO2 analyzer for CO2 measurement (e.g. Carbo Inline or Carbo 2100) to the evaluation unit of the Inline Original Extract Monitor.





Extract_Plato monitor Online Extract Measurement: Extract/Plato Monitor


The Extract/Plato Monitor is used for highly accurate online extract measurements in the lauter tub, at the brewing kettle, and after the wort cooler. Decades of practical experience has resulted in the development of several powerful systems for cold and hot wort measurement. Depending on the application, the optimal Anton Paar transducer is selected for use. For example: the innovative SPRn 4115 L 2S sound velocity transducer measures accurately and without drift, even with coating build-up resulting from long cleaning intervals in the brewing kettle.




Alcohol Monitor

Online Alcohol Measurement: Alcohol Monitor


The Alcohol Monitor determines the alcohol content of your alcohol/water mixtures in the range from 0 to 100 % and 0 C to 40 C. The alcohol content can be given as %v/v or %w/w.





Wine Monitor

Online Alcohol and Extract Measurement: Wine Monitor


Anton Paars Wine Monitor accurately and continuously determines the alcohol and extract content of wine for quality control and wine blending. The system consists of a DSRn 427S transducer and an mPDS evaluation unit. Adding a Carbo CO2 analyzer creates a complete wine and CO2 monitoring system for online alcohol measurement, extract measurement and CO2 measurement at a very attractive price.




Online CO2 Analyzer


Anton Paar has a CO2 analyzer to suit requirements. For inline CO2 monitoring, choose one of the Carbo 510 Smart Sensor versions. For online CO2 monitoring of beverages containing a high amount of other gases such as N2 or O2, choose Carbo 2100 MVE.




Viscosity Meters


          AMVn Microviscometer


AMVn HT_stand alone 3 AMVn-SP3-V_measuring assembly AMVn - SP3-V detail Capillary_block


AMVn is a rolling ball viscometer which measures the rolling time of a ball through transparent and opaque liquids according to Hppler's falling ball principle. Measurement is possible with as little as 150 L sample volume. Results are given as relative, kinematic or dynamic viscosity. AMVn is compact and economical, and saves you space in the lab. You can also use the quick and easy analysis of the optional Windows software to calculate the dilute solution viscosity, intrinsic viscosity, relative viscosity and other properties of polymer solutions.

AMVn is used for quality control and research in the following industries: food industry (beer, wort, milk, and sugar solutions), Chemical industry (polymer solutions, solvents), Pharmaceutical industry (cosmetics, extracts), Inks, Biological fluids, Detergents (liquid agents, tenside solutions), Blood plasma and blood serum, Liquid crystals (LCD) and Biotechnology (protein solutions)

          SVM 3000 Stabinger Viscometer

SVM 3000 07 SVM 3000 11 SVM 3000 09

The SVM 3000 Stabinger Viscometer measures the dynamic viscosity and density of oils and fuels according to ASTM D7042. From this result, the viscometer automatically calculates the kinematic viscosity and delivers measurement results which are equivalent to ISO 3104 or ASTM D445. The Stabinger measuring principle with Peltier thermostat enables an incomparably wide viscosity and temperature range with a single system. SVM 3000 is quick, compact and energy-saving, versatile in use, with only small amounts of sample and solvents required. This makes it the most efficient high-precision viscometer on the market.

SVM 3000 is so versatile, quick and robust that it is an asset in all fields. As well as being ideal for measurements in R&D, it is also the most reliable instrument for quality control in the laboratory, e.g. for determining the density, kinematic and dynamic viscosity of mineral oil samples, and for field measurements such as the investigation of used oils* in transport fleets, wind parks, locomotives, ship engines, thermal power stations and construction machines.

          Inline Viscometer L-Vis 510


lvis lvis_2 lvis3


L-Vis 510 is an inline viscometer which is immersed directly in the production liquid. It continuously displays the viscosity and temperature of lubricants, starch adhesives, suspensions, and many more process liquids, allowing 24-hour production monitoring.



Refractometry and Polarimeters


          Abbemat Refractometer


Abbemat pic.jpg Abbemat.JPG Abbemat with tablet.jpg

Abbemat automatic digital refractometers allow fast and non-destructive refractive index (RI) measurements. In refractometry, only a small volume of sample is required. For routine applications choose from different flow-through cells to suit your analysis and get RI and RI-derived results in seconds, e.g. the sugar content of a sample. Abbemat digital refractometers provide a broad field of application. The instruments are used in demanding quality control, in research, at authorities and at standards organizations.


          Modular Circular Polarimeter


MCP pic.jpg MCP 200.jpg Sucrolyser


MCP is an automatic polarimeter for measuring the optical rotation angle of optically active substances. It utilizes the latest technology to ensure high measuring accuracy and great ease-of-use. The combination of quality, robust design and modern data management makes MCP 300/500 the most efficient high-precision polarimeter on the market. The MCP 200 series of polarimeters provides accurate measurements of the optical rotation of liquids at an economic price. The instrument has been designed with the user in mind, its modular concept allows customer-specific configurations and provides the widest range of options for the future. MCP meets all application requirements for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, chemical and medical industries as well as for R&D.


          MCP Sucromat

Over 30 years of experience and highest quality in development, production and customer support has made Anton Paar saccharimeters the standard in sugar analysis. Their modular design allows customer-specific configurations and future upgrades. The MCP 200/250/300/500 Sucromat series is the new generation of saccharimeters for the sugar industry. MCP Sucromat instruments meet all international standards, e.g. ICUMSA, OIML and Australian Standard K 157.

MCP 300/500 Sucromat is the state-of-the-art saccharimeter while MCP 250 Sucromat is the economical saccharimeter providing highly accurate analysis of Z (International Sugar Scale) for the sugar industry. While MCP 200/300 Sucromat measures at 589 nm, MCP 250/500 Sucromat measures at two wavelengths: 589 nm and 880 nm. At 880 nm MCP can measure strongly colored filtrates which cannot be measured in the visible range.


          Sugar Analysis System: Sucrolyser

The Sucrolyser / Eco Sucrolyser is a powerful system for sugar factories. It is a combination of the refractometer and the polarimeter. It is used in the quality control of sugar cane as a part of pay analysis or as an extended laboratory system for multiple methods of sample preparation and chemical factory control. Depending on the polarimeter model and sample, clarified, non-clarified and alternatively clarified samples can be analyzed. Sucrolyser / Eco Sucrolyser systems offer perfect solutions that meet your special requirements.


          Automatic Process Polarimeter Propol


Propol Propol_2

The Propol process polarimeter is used as a polarimetric online or inline sensor for concentration measurement in the production of chiral compounds. Its measuring method compensates the Optical Rotation by means of the Faraday Effect. This means it has no moving parts and is therefore maintenance-free. Typical applications are the synthesis or extraction of biochemicals, separation of racemates, liquid sugar production and waste water control in sugar refineries.




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